Letter sent to PM Trudeau and Other Dignitaries

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June 9, 2021

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau                           

Prime Minister of Canada

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,


Yesterday, a vigil was held in London to honour the family who lost their lives in a horrendous attack on Sunday evening.

The vigil included many dignitaries, including yourself. London Imam Munir El Kassem also spoke a few words in which he equated the tragedy in London to the conflict in Israel/Gaza.


Munir El-Kassem says events in Palestine related to murder of Muslims in London, ON

This is a dangerous precedent to set and could put the Jewish community in London as well as throughout Canada in danger. In the past several weeks, the Jewish community has been under escalating attack,  physically, verbally and mentally because of the conflict in Israel and Gaza. These attacks have been happening for years, but escalate especially during and surrounding  Al Quds day. Bringing the Jewish/Palestinian conflict forward during this time of mourning is unacceptable. 

Remembering the victims of Sunday’s tragedy by inadvertently putting blame on an already marginalized segment of the population is dangerous and counter-productive.

Fighting hate in all sectors is imperative.

We ask that you address this as Canadian leadership.



Fighting Hate in Canada

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