Letter Sent To The Toronto Star

To the editor,
On Wednesday, June 9, 2021, the Toronto Star ran a story on their front page concerning the terrible tragedy in London, Ontario.
The link above is for the online edition. Your hardcopy edition is in the photo below.
The reason we are writing you this letter is we believe there is the potential for incitement with the front page headline in the hardcopy.
Feelings within our community are very high right now, and to deliberately play ‘favoritism’ on a front page headline is unwise. We are aware that the author was quoting someone who was referring to the family who lost their lives, but the headline and the photo do not reflect this.
We noticed your online version has been modified, and this is good. But, the hardcopy has been distributed, and damage has been done.
This letter is a reminder to the editor of their role in not only bringing the news to the public, but doing it in a responsible manner, so as not to incite more hate and division.
Thank you for your attention.
Fighting Hate In Canada

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