Letter Sent to Attorney General of Ontario





Doug Downey

Ministry of the Attorney General
McMurtry-Scott Building
720 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario M7A 2S9

Dear Sir,

We would like to bring to your attention an individual who is a regular on the protest circuit in Canada, and an organization that he co-manages.

While peaceful assembly is a constitutional right in Canada, there is a line that should not be crossed, and that line has been crossed by this individual in our estimation.

Our concern is with Firas Al Najim. Mr Al Najim, resident of Ontario (GTA) is co-manager of the Canadian Defenders For Human Rights (CD4HR). This is a pro Palestinian Canadian registered non-for-profit organization.

Mr Al Najim, as well as being strongly anti-Israel, is a supporter of the Iranian regime, a regime responsible for countless violations of human rights. This comes out in his speeches and social media posts. He is also anti LGBTQ, and this has been revealed through recent postings as well.



Although many groups within Canada oppose the LGBTQ lifestyle because of religious conviction, and they do have that constitutional right, ‘cancelling’ them is not a democratic principle.

On April 17, 2019, Mr. Al Najim posted on his Facebook page:

This organization [Salaam Canada, Canadian Muslim LGBTQ group] is condemned by god almighty and all conscience people as they are trying to bring deviance to gods clear refusal to such ways, the people of Lut were cursed and gods wrath came down on them all and they were destroyed by big rocks that rained down from the skies, deviance and violations Will be at loss! I have been getting a lot of complaints from People, we will file this in court and this is against religious and human rights codes ! Lgbt have their rights and freedoms in Canada but they should not connect it to religion as it’s clearly not supported or endorsed in the Torah, bible and Quran.

With the above quote, one is reminded of the treatment of homosexuals in Islamic states, including Iran, where they are publicly executed.

Connected to that post, he continues, but this time including the Jewish community, saying that Zionists endorse ‘dirty strategy’ concerning the LGBTQ:

Let’s clarify something: no 1 the Zionist illegitimate regime doesn’t endorse lgbt but because of its effect and popularity they are just using it as a tool to gain some credibility in front of the west and the honorable rabbi Weiss stated this at the annual Israel festival protest in Toronto. No2 the annual Israel festival was organized the same day as the annual pride march and many of the Zionist key leaders went there to avoid the lgbt march and this is a dirty trick. We are studying and dissecting the situation. No3 the Conservative party doesn’t endorse or support the lgbt but most Zionists will vote them in and we wonder why? Doug ford joined the 2019 pride walk and this was a surprise to all and he’s considered an outcast in the conservative club because of that move. You never hear the Zionists speaking out or condemning the conservatives for not supporting the lgbt. This is clearly a dirty strategy and it’s widely exposed and we will work to expose it even more and let the Canadian nation and world know!



On June 23, 2021, during a demonstration, Mr. Al Nijam again connects Israel to the LGBTQ with a collective hatred:

The Zionists these days, a lot of them, are starting to support the LGBT movement. I saw some videos where some of them said that we [the Zionists] are using it [LGBTQ rights] as a tool, because it is becoming a powerful movement, so they are trying to hide behind it and trying to say that they support it, so they they get more supporters with the State of Israel.

On July 5, 2021, CD4HR posted on Twitter:

Cancel #PrideMonth & Start #Indigenousmonth. The #INDIGENOUS oppressed peoples deserve the recognition and respect. Raise the Native flag all over the colonized land. #CancelCanadaDay #everychildmatters #IndigenousLivesMatter

To our knowledge, CD4HR, lead by Mr. Al Najim, is the only organization to publicly call for the cancelation of Pride month



Mr. Al Najim’s vitriol is well documented, you can access reports on his activities here:


Mr. Al Najim’s public condemnation of both Israel and the LGBTQ community could very well be considered hate speech. In our climate of monitoring hate speech, it is unacceptable that this is not addressed by authorities.

The failure to prosecute Mr. Al Najim is an invitation for escalation of hate against the Canadian LGBTQ community and the Canadian Jewish community. This failure could be construed as legitimate permission for others to follow his example.

We are asking that you investigate this carefully, and act accordingly. Fighting hate in all areas of Canadian life is imperative.


Fighting Hate In Canada

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