Letter Sent to PM Justin Trudeau


This letter was CCd to all the major political parties in Canada.





The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, P.C., M.P.
Prime Minister of Canada

Langevin Block
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A2

Dear Prime Minister:

We are writing to you out of our grave concern regarding the pressure from our government on the Christian community in Canada.

Mass graves have been discovered beside residential schools for indigenous children, schools instituted by the Christian community in Canada in general, and more predominately by Roman Catholic diocese.

While we mourn this discovery, we also wait for investigations to be completed. Much needs to be uncovered, which is indeed exceedingly difficult with the sparse record keeping that was kept of these children at that time.

As a result of this tragedy, many Christian churches have been vandalized and burned within the past several weeks. Extraordinarily little is said by our currently elected government, and in some cases, the burning is almost justified because of what happened within the residential schools.

“I understand the anger that’s out there against the federal government, against institutions like the Catholic Church. It is real and it’s fully understandable, given the shameful history that we are all becoming more and more aware of and engaging ourselves to do better as Canadians.” Justin Trudeau.




On Canada day alone, 10 churches were vandalized in Alberta. In recent days, four small Catholic churches on Indigenous lands in rural southern British Columbia have been destroyed by suspicious fires and a vacant former Anglican church in northwestern B.C. was recently damaged. Two other Anglican churches were set ablaze, and a few days ago, another church was burned down in Saskatchewan.



With the very weak condemnation of the vandalism and burning of churches by our government, we are highly concerned about attacks on the Christian community in Canada.

As you are no doubt aware, Canada, as we know it today, was founded upon Judeo/Christian principles, with Psalm 72:8 of the Old Testament even being inscribed on our coat of arms: ‘A mari usque ad mare’ ‘from sea to sea’.

Canada is a highly diverse nation and secular within our public institutions for the most part, but to forget our founding principles is highly disrespectful not only to our founding fathers, but to the many millions within the Christian community in Canada.

We have also seen an inordinate number of attacks on the Christian community during Covid 19, with several churches being barricaded, doors locked, and pastors being fined and imprisoned.








In direct contrast, a vigil to honour victims of an attack in London, Ontario was held with no restrictions on June 8. Covid restrictions were lifted for this event, which thousands attended.



As an organization, Fighting Hate in Canada is intent on defusing potentially combustible situations with practical and fair solutions to problems within our society. What we are seeing in Canada is a divisive reaction to a very concerning and tragic part of our history. Rather than building and unifying, we see division and hatred being stoked by our government, helped along by the media.

Acknowledging past mistakes is crucial, but it is also important to move forward. Creating an atmosphere of hate against an institution or individuals to compensate for past mistakes is counterintuitive and damaging. Yes, wrongdoing must be dealt with, but not by tearing down one to build up another.

We ask that you respond in a more appropriate manner to the recent church burnings and vandalism.

Fighting hate is imperative in all areas of Canadian life.


Fighting Hate In Canada

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